Meta-Study: Why AMWF is Eugenic and WMAF Dysgenic

by anonymous contributor – AnonymouslyBronze


Anecdotally, AMWF sons have been observed by commentators on r/hapas to be more masculine on average than WMAF sons. We outline the cause of this phenomena.

We state with exact certainty that AMWF sons inherit more androgen receptors from their White mother’s X-chromosome and that WMAF sons inherit less androgen receptors from their Asian mother’s X-chromosome.

We state with less certainty, despite the circumstantial evidence in favour, that AMWF sons inherit the conditions for higher prenatal and postnatal testosterone from their Asian father’s Y-chromosome and that WMAF sons inherit the conditions for lower prenatal and postnatal testosterone from their White father’s Y-chromosome; and that both AMWF sons and WMAF sons inherit similar amounts of 5-a reductase.


Scientific Rankings

  1. Serum Testosterone (ST):
    • Asian (A) = Black (B) > White (C) [1][2]
  2. 5-a Reductase (5a) / Dihydrotestosterone (DHT):
    • B > W > A [1]
    • inheritance is autosomal (from both parents) [3]
  3. Androgen Receptors (AR):
    • B > W > A [4]
  4. Length of CAG Repeat [5] (LCAGR):
    • A > W > B [6]
    • the LCAGR is inherited maternally in male children [7]
      • # of ARs is encoded into the LCAGR
      • # of ARs is inversely correlated with the LCAGR
      • the gene is located in the maternal X-chromosome
  5. Prenatal Testosterone (PT):
    • by 2d4d ratio [8][9][10] | A = B > W [11][12]
      • male fetuses do not inherit their mother’s 2d4d ratio
      • female fetuses do inherit their mother’s 2d4d ratio
    • by spatial:verbal intelligence gap [13] | A > B > W
    • by facial morphology [14] | A = B > W [to be explored]
    • inheritance [to be explored]
  6. Serum Testosterone (ST) and Prenatal Testosterone (PT):

Set I – Verified Scientific Facts (in no order) – Hormones and Receptors

  1. The testes produce testosterone
  2. The Y-chromosome promotes the growth of testes in the fetus
  3. Testosterone ‘works’ by binding and activating with androgen receptors
  4. Androgen receptors are chiefly located in the chest area

Set II – Verified Scientific Facts (in no order) – Inheritance Patterns

  1. Sons inherit their Y-chromosome paternally and their X-chromosome maternally
  2. On average, the sons of Asian men and White women (AMWF) inherit lower LCAGR from their White mothers, and therefore, more ARs
  3. On average, the sons of White men and Asian women (WMAF) inherit higher LCAGR from their Asian mothers, and therefore, less ARs

Image result for cag repeat by race

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Set III – Verified Scientific Facts (in no order) – Inheritances in Europe

  1. Y-DNA haplogroups delineate patrilineal descent, and therefore, the inheritance of Y chromosomes
  2. N-haplogroup Europeans such as the Finns are patrilineally descended from ancient East Asian men (65% yDNA) and matrilineally descended from indigenous European women (90% mtDNA) [21]
  3. N-haplogroup-majority Europeans such as the Finns exhibit higher PT than non-N-haplogroup-majority neighbours such as the Swedes or Danes, by  markers of 2d4d ratio and facial morphology and spatial:verbal intelligence ratios (in line with Asians); and higher DHT by way of markers of testicle size and weight and sperm production [21]

Set IV – Verified Scientific Facts (in no order) – Inheritances in Polynesia

  1. Samoans, Tongans, and non-Maori Polynesians are paternally Chinese [22] and maternally Melanesian. They are the AMBF equivalent of Finns, smarter, stronger, faster, and tougher than pure BMBFs.
  2. Half of Maori men are paternally European, but the Maori men that are represented in contact sports disproportionately exhibit paternal Chinese ancestry.

Set V – Unverified Cultural/Unofficial Facts (in no order) – Physical Effects of Hormones, Receptors, and their Inheritance Patterns

  1. AMWF is outnumbered by WMAF in America (3:1)
  2. There are proportionally (9:1) more AMWF sons than WMAF sons in contact-sports in America; more so (27:1) in ratio-adjusted terms [23][24]
  3. Mental health is poorer in WMAF offspring than in AMWF offspring
  4. The Finns and Scandinavians live in the same environment and climate, eat the same food, receive the same education, play the same sports – the Finns are a ready-made control group for the study of the influence of a deviate yDNA profile amid the uniform mtDNA and yDNA profiles of the neighboring Scandinavians (and other Northern Europeans)
  5. Finns have the highest # of Summer Olympic gold medals per capita [25] – and the highest # of Summer Olympic medals (gold, silver, and bronze) per capita after weighing (4-gold, 2-silver, 1-bronze) [26]. The nearest non-haplogroup-N countries (Hungary and East Germany) benefited from the Soviet doping regimen [27]
  6. Male Olympic Gold medalists for countries such as Denmark, Norway, and Sweden disproportionately exhibit facial morphology of N-haplogroup males – for example, Kjetil Andre Aamot, the first entry and the most decorated in the Wikipedia list of ‘Olympic Gold Medalists for Norway’ [28][29] – (personal note from the admin, he looks like a Jurchen)

Exploring Unverified Hypotheses Based on Hard Scientific Facts

  1. East Asian facial morphology exhibits markers of comparatively higher PT relative to White facial morphology [30] – notice the similarities between the Native South African and the East Asian; the African-American is representative of a BMBF-WMBF composite in a roughly 80:20 ratio and exhibits proportionally reduced markers of PT
  2. East Asian physical morphology exhibits markers of excess testosterone’s aromatization into estrogen – we say excess testosterone b/c the facial morphology is indicative of such
  3. PT conditions appear to inherited through the Y chromosome – if the Y chromosome triggers the production of testes, why should it not determine the base production of ST within those testes, within the womb, however affected by external factors? There is already evidence in the marked masculinity of Finns relative to other Europeans, and for no apparent reason other than a significant deviation in the frequency of an ancient East Asian Y chromosome (N-haplogroup)? There is even a trend for European countries with a significant I-haplogroup minority (Germany and Scandinavia) to report taller average male height [31 – 32]

Conclusion [(scientifically verified) and (scientifically unverified, but strongly supported by tangential evidence)]

We conclude by restating the Abstract.


  1. AMWF sons are more masculine than WMAF and WMWF sons
  2. AMAF sons are more masculine than WMAF sons
  3. AMAF sons are more masculine than WMWF sons in terms of facial morphology and general mentality – but less in terms of muscular build
  4. White men are promoted by White mtDNA and penalized by White yDNA
  5. Asian men are promoted by Asian yDNA and penalized by Asian mtDNA
  6. AMWF sons get the best of both worlds, Asian yDNA and White mtDNA
  7. WMAF sons get the worst of both worlds, White yDNA and Asian mtDNA

Interesting Areas of Investigation

  1. Spatial intelligence being significantly hormonal, and WMAF sons being endowed with less PT in-foetus, it could be that AMWF sons are also more spatially intelligent than WMAF sons – and in the case of Finns, we see that their raw IQs and spatial:verbal intelligence ratios are very East Asian in profile and that their educational attainments are often better than the best of the best Europeans [33]
  2. The Finns and other N-haplogroup males, as 500th generation sons of AMWF, are the most athletic, intelligent, and masculine of Europeans; as a people, they seem to be in possession of the best of all worlds – there is much research that can be done here to investigate the most optimal configurations of Asian yDNA and White mtDNA
  3. How much serum testosterone is needed to offset the lack of androgen receptors in Asians? How much more serum testosterone do Asian men have on average than men of other races? We know for a fact that for Asian men, androgen-related disorders continue to be reported well past the CAG-length cut-off in which men of other races stop reporting them [34]

AnonymouslyBronze is a Chinese-Canadian.

3 thoughts on “Meta-Study: Why AMWF is Eugenic and WMAF Dysgenic”

  1. I recently saw a chart on on testosterone rates by ethnicity and marriage status. I can’t recall if it was posted by him or by a commentor.

    It showed married Asian men had above average testosterone level, and singles had below average. That could explain the difference. I didn’t look closely at the study, so I don’t know it’s validity.

    1. A measure of serum testosterone from 50 East Asian graduate students from the University of Chicago is not representative of the general population.

      pumpkinperson also neglected to post the dozens of other 2d:4d research papers that place East Asians with indigenous Africans and Finns, they can be found on the Wikipedia page on 2d:4d.

      pumpkinperson probably found the same things AnonymouslyBronze did but decided it went too much against his preconceptions of ‘race realism’ and only kept the things that agreed with his worldview.

      The ‘race realist’ community has been using Rushton’s rule on testosterone as a catch for ALL androgenic hormones and interactors. AnonymouslyBronze has shown this to be false.

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