American Innovation and Invention is Chinese | 美国的创新和发明是中国人做的

by anonymous contributor – AnonymouslyGold

我们给了白人火药. 白人给了我们科学方法.

Look for Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese last names. 

Some less obvious ones are An and Bai (Chinese), Abe (Japanese), Ahn and Jang (Korean), and Duan (Vietnamese).


Keep in mind that there are just 4 million Chinese-Americans. 


The top 3 American journals in Chemistry & Material Sciences [1]:

美国三本最好的学术期刊 – 化学和材料科学

The top 3 American journals in Engineering & Computer Science [2]:

美国三本最好的学术期刊 – 工程和计算机科学

The top American journals in various branches of Mathematics (found in the Subcategories of “Physics and Mathematics”):

美国三本最好的学术期刊 – 数学领域

The top American journal in Physics (found in the Subcategories of “Physics and Mathematics”):

美国三本最好的学术期刊 – 物理

The Shanghai-LHC is still under construction. East Asians have to fly halfway across the world to access the CERN-LHC in Switzerland. Not surprisingly, the Swiss are overrepresented in Physics journals.

上海 [强子对撞机 Hadron Collider] 没做完. 瑞士有CERN. 名字都是瑞士人.

我们给了白人火药. 白人给了我们科学方法.

AnonymouslyGold is a Korean-American.

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